A fast paced rouge like where you break everything in one hit, ...but so do your foes.

Collect rare artifacts, break kitchenware to bits, and see just how far you can go!

(Enter to fullscreen, + and - to control volume)


play on newgrounds!:

Source code:

My Stuff:

---- Credits ----

Assets (3rd party):

Both "Her Foyer" and "Her Tapestry" from Patrica Taxxons amazing album:

"Free Bar Jazz" by Freesound Music: https:\\

Lean Camera by samsface: https:\\

Impact Sounds by Kenny:

Base Platformer Controller by Heartbeast:

and PBS viewers like you. thank you.

---- Installing ----

If Windows Defender pops up with a window saying "Windows Defender Protected your PC" click More Info > Run anyway

If MacOS tells you the game is damaged and should be moved to trash, or that it is unrecognized, you need to switch your settings in Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere must be selected

enjoy :)


Glassware 37 MB
Glassware 50 MB
Glassware 38 MB

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